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Medical Assistant Schools in Oklahoma

In the state of Oklahoma, the healthcare industry has not just shown positive growth but it has thrived in recent years and the projections for the future look equally promising. Of the many roles one can fill in this expansive field, medical assisting is one of the fastest growing in the state. In urban sectors like Tulsa and Oklahoma City, the demand for these positions may be even higher, putting medical assistants in an enviable position.

In considering your future career path, have a look at the world of medical assisting and decide if it may be a good fit for you. Contact the schools on this site to learn more about your options.

Medical Assistant Education in Oklahoma

In the state of Oklahoma, there are many colleges and technical schools that offer medical assisting programs. Depending on your course load and program, you can likely finish the courses needed to complete a medical assisting program in one to two years.

Medical assistants in Oklahoma work in clinical settings assisting nurses, physicians and other medical professionals deal with patients as well as helping perform much of the clerical work of administering them. The roles of a medical assistant can be expanded or contracted depending upon your education, the setting where you work and the needs of that particular facility.

Like many roles in the medical field, medical assisting has more than one niche to be filled in order to service the many kinds of patients and specializations there are. Clinical medical assistants are of the most common, not only in the state of Oklahoma but throughout the nation. These kinds of MAs are responsible for dealing with patients on a one-to-one basis in order to prep them to meet with their physician. This may include making medical assessments of patients, recording statistics in relation to their height and weight, documenting vital signs, caring for the patient, and assisting with various medial tasks. While other things may be expected of you, assisting, preparing and working with patients is your primary responsibility.

An administrative medical assistant has a more detached role. Much like a clerical worker in other fields, the administrative medical assistant has the focus squarely on the day-to-day business of running a clinic or a medical setting. This includes the processing of medical records, greeting patients as they enter, communicating on the behalf of physicians, handle the transfer of medical records, set appointment dates, and many other officer-related tasks. This kind of medical assistant is not typically expected to handle the care of patients directly, though this may change depending on the needs of the clinic or healthcare facility you choose to work in.

You can also find medical assisting jobs that are specialized like those of surgical technicians, radiology technologists, nursing aides and MRI technicians. Each type of medical assisting career will require a specific educational track, as well as adherence to the licensing requirements in Oklahoma.

At medical assistant schools in Oklahoma, you can get involved in one of the fastest growing industries in the entire United States. Healthcare is one of the most universal industries in the world. No matter a person’s age, background, or lifestyle, they need access to healthcare. Becoming a medical assistant may put you in a position to improve access to care in your community and get involved in a career that you enjoy. Depending on your career goals down the line, you may have the opportunity to further your education or stick with medical assisting.

Medical Assisting Classes in Oklahoma

Attending medical assistant school may prepare you to take on administrative and clinical roles in nearby clinics and hospitals. This may give you some versatility in your career, making you an appealing candidate for Oklahoma employers. To apply for medical assistant certification in Oklahoma, you need to get lots of experience working with patients. You may find that many schools work with long-term care facilities, since these institutions tend to run at a slightly slower pace than hospitals. Take advantage of the feedback you get and use it to become a better care provider.

Medical Assisting Coursework

  • Medical Terminology
  • Laboratory Skills
  • Clinical Skills
  • Patient Privacy
  • Medical Law and Ethics

Billing and Coding Programs in Oklahoma

Numerous medical assistant schools in Oklahoma give you the opportunity to choose a specialized area of study. If you feel more drawn to the administrative aspects of this career path, delve into medical billing and coding schools in Oklahoma. In the early days of your education, you may focus on how to code for specific medical diagnoses and procedures. This step of the process requires lots of practice and memorization, since there are highly specific codes for every possible symptom and treatment. As you become more competent in this area, you may start to build your knowledge in the field of medical billing. There are many laws and standards that govern healthcare billing procedures, and you have to be well-versed in them to work in this field. You may learn how to bill insurance, how to bill private payers, and how to handle billing disputes that arise.

Program lengths vary quite a bit in this specialty. You may be able to get your diploma or certificate in one year. If you want an Associate’s degree, plan on spending at least two years finishing your education.

Class Options in Billing and Coding Programs

  • Introduction to Health Information
  • Coding in Healthcare
  • Applications in Microcomputers
  • Healthcare Reimbursement Methodologies
  • Pharmacology for Health Information
  • Advanced Coding

Oklahoma Nurse Aide and Patient Care Tech Classes

Just like there are students who prefer administrative work, there are those who’d rather spend all of their time engaging directly with patients. If patient care is your favorite part of the healthcare industry, look into becoming a nurse aide or patient care technician. Nurse aides, also known as certified nursing assistants, are typically employed by nursing homes and home care facilities. This is by far the quickest training option for medical assistant certification in Oklahoma. You may be able to get your nursing assistant certification in just two to four weeks. In an Oklahoma patient care technician program, you may complete six to twelve months of training before getting your diploma or certificate. As you check out PCT curricula, you may discover that most patient care technician programs include nurse aide training.

CNA and Patient Care Tech Courses

  • Fundamentals of Nursing Assistant
  • CPR and Basic First Aid
  • Advanced Patient Care Technician
  • Patient Care Technician Review

Medical Secretary and Administrative Med Assisting Programs in Oklahoma

In addition to billing and coding, there are administrative medical assistant programs that are ideal for those who want to take on office duties. At administrative medical assistant schools in Oklahoma, you discover what it takes to keep a medical office running efficiently. Your training may expose you to the daily tasks of medical administration, including patient communication, billing procedures, and patient scheduling. You may also find out how to oversee the long-term goals of an office, from payment collection and hiring to marketing.

Administrative Medical Assisting Classes

  • Fundamentals of Technology
  • Fundamentals of Administrative Technologies
  • ICD-CPT Coding
  • Patient Billing
  • Medical Insurance

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Medical Assisting Careers in Oklahoma

Medical Assistant Career Outlook in Oklahoma

No matter what industry you work in, you want to get the most from your training. That means choosing a career path with high potential for growth in your area. Medical assisting fits the bill in Oklahoma. The healthcare industry has had severe shortages in recent years, and this problem may continue to grow. With national corporations bringing more medical jobs to Oklahoma, highly trained professionals are key to continuing improvement (US News, 2017).

Between 2014 and 2024, medical assistants may see solid job expansion. Job openings may swell 16% during this time (O*Net, 2017). Medical assistants have diverse employment options, including clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. With training in billing and coding, you may want to apply for medical records technician jobs in Oklahoma. Through 2024, demand may increase 13% throughout Oklahoma (O*Net, 2017). Every medical facility relies on incoming funds to continue running, so billing specialists also have a lot of flexibility in where they work. After becoming a certified nursing assistant, you may choose to work in a long-term care facility or explore more fast-paced options in other facilities. Across the board, job openings may increase 11% through 2024 (O*Net, 2017). If you are ready to make a difference as a medical secretary, this could be your time to act! A 15% boost in job openings is expected through the year 2024 (O*Net, 2017). Regardless of which career option interests you most, the journey to a medical assisting career can start right here when you get in touch with the medical assistant school that’s right for you.

To find out more about how you can become a medical assistant in Oklahoma, simply contact the schools on this page to learn more about program specifics.

Listed below are all of the schools offering Medical Assistant programs in Oklahoma. As a rule, you should contact at least 3-5 schools during the course of your research, and ideally more. There are important differences between the programs in terms of cost, admissions requirements, and other characteristics, and, as with many things in life, the way to find the best Medical Assistant program for your needs is to spend some time shopping around.

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Salary numbers provided are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.