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Top Apps for Medical Assistants

What Are The Best Apps for Medical Assistants? Apps for healthcare professionals can be lot more than just gimmicky technology or some cleverly repackaged niche version of the same old social networking functions. They can be critical to the job. …

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Steps to Become a Radiologist

Written by Brit Haines If you’re a radiology tech, also known as a radiographer, becoming a radiologist can help you advance your career and earn higher wages. Read on to learn how you can become a radiologist and what a …

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How to Become a Pharmacist

Written by Brit Haines With a fast-growing senior citizen population and a rise in chronic diseases, pharmacists are needed to fill prescriptions, help educate patients, and ensure medications are taken safely. If you’re already a pharmacy tech, the next step …

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What Kind of Degree Should a Medical Assistant Have?

Angie Best-Boss is an award-winning freelance medical writer, editor and author of seven books on women’s health. Medical assisting is a popular vocation that has been growing in recent years. Most medical assistants receive formal training beyond the high school …

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How To Pass the AAMA Test

How To Pass the AAMA Test Don’t fret, don’t worry, don’t freak out. Take a deep breath, because we know why you’re probably here: You have to take the medical assistant exam tomorrow, and suddenly you’re gripped with fear!   …

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