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Given how much responsibility nurses and other medical professionals have, it's clear that nursing assistants can play a crucial role in medical institutions all over the country. Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) may work at nursing homes, group homes, nurses, and medical clinics. This can be an excellent career choice, as CNAs are often in high demand and there are several options for CNA training across the nation. In addition, the experience you gain as a CNA can translate well to other health care careers if you plan to continue your education.

Becoming a CNA may be a good option if you want to make a difference in patients' lives. Certified nursing assistants perform a wide range of hands-on care, so you will spend a lot of time with patients daily, providing assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and performing tasks as delegated by nurses and other healthcare providers.

To find CNA programs that offer the Certified Nursing Assistant training you need to enter this career, look through the schools on this page. You can contact the schools that offer CNA training directly from our site, making it easy to get started. There may also be CNA certification programs offered through your local Red Cross office or local healthcare institutions.

CNA Programs

Although certified nursing assistants are responsible for a huge range of duties, you may be able to become a CNA in as little as two weeks. The options available to you will depend on where you live and what CNA schools near you offer for courses. However, many technical colleges, community colleges, and hospital-based education centers offer CNA training programs. You may also be able to train at the Red Cross. By attending class full-time during the week, it's possible to complete the required CNA training modules and classes in anywhere from 2-8 weeks. However, many schools also offer weekend and evening training courses to accommodate a range of schedules.

As a CNA student, you may spend a small amount of time in the classroom. The majority of your training will likely be spent getting practical experience and trying new techniques on your classmates and patients. Common courses required in a CNA program include Infection Prevention, Safety in the Workplace, Health Care Law and Ethics, Vital Signs, and Mental Health.

Clinicals are an important part of CNA programs. Even if you only attend classes part-time or on weekends, you will likely need to attend class full-time during clinical days. Clinical experience can take place at nursing homes, clinics or in a clinical simulation lab. Your instructors will not only look at how efficiently you take vitals and perform other required tasks, they will look at how you interact with patients and if you treat them appropriately.

CNA Certification and 2017 CNA Career Information

Before you can begin working as a certified nursing assistant, you must get licensed through your state licensing agency. Generally, each state's Board of Nursing is responsible for the CNA certification and examination.

CNA licensing can be a time-consuming process, since you must demonstrate that you can follow every nursing law while providing care. Each process has a step-by-step procedure that you must follow. Skipping one step—for example, forgetting to wash your hands—during the practical portion of your exam is grounds for failing the exam. You must also take a written exam that tests you on CNA procedures and medical knowledge. Typically, you can keep your CNA license active simply by using it in your work. If you do not use it in your career, you may need to retake the exam or complete continuing education credits to stay a licensed CNA.

In the United States, the average salary for a certified nursing assistant is $25,710 per year (BLS, 2017). The demand for nursing assistants is expected to increase faster than average when compared to all occupations, according to 2017 resources, making this a solid career choice. By the year 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that there may be over 260,000 new CNA job openings, bringing the total number of nursing assistant jobs to almost 2 million (2017).

If you're ready to begin a new career in the health care field, you may be able to become a CNA in just a few weeks and positively influence the lives of patients. Request information from the schools that offer CNA programs in your area to get started in this rewarding career as soon as you can.

Traditional On Campus Programs:


American Career College
Campus Locations in: Long Beach, CA / Los Angeles, CA / Ontario, CA / Orange County, CA
Matching Programs: Optical Technician
Program Types Offered: Diploma
San Joaquin Valley College
Campus Locations in: Ontario, CA / Temecula, CA / Visalia, CA
Matching Programs: Degree - Respiratory Therapy
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree
Unitek College
Campus Locations in: South San Francisco, CA
Matching Programs: Associate of Science in Nursing
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree


Keiser University
Campus Locations in: Fort Lauderdale, FL / Fort Myers, FL / Lakeland, FL / Orlando, FL / Sarasota, FL / Tallahassee, FL / Tampa, FL
Matching Programs: Associate of Science in Medical Laboratory Technician - Orlando, Associate of Science in Nuclear Medicine Technology - Lakeland, Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant - Fort Lauderdale, Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant - Fort Myers, Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant - Orlando, Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant - Tallahassee, Associate of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant - Tampa, Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant - Fort Lauderdale, Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant - Lakeland, Associate of Science in Physical Therapist Assistant - Sarasota, Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy - Fort Lauderdale
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree


Harrison College
Campus Locations in: Indianapolis (East), IN
Matching Programs: Associate Degree in Nursing, Central Sterile Processing
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Certificate


Everest Institute
Campus Locations in: Southfield, MI
Matching Programs: Practical Nursing
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree


Blue Cliff College
Campus Locations in: Gulfport, MS / Shreveport, LA
Matching Programs: Dialysis Technician - Diploma , Dialysis Technician - Diploma
Program Types Offered: Diploma

New Hampshire

Salter School of Nursing
Campus Locations in: Manchester, NH
Matching Programs: Licensed Nursing Assistant
Program Types Offered: Certificate

New Jersey

Eastwick College
Campus Locations in: Ramsey, NJ
Matching Programs: AAS in Occupational Therapy Assistant
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

New York

Mildred Elley
Campus Locations in: New York, NY
Matching Programs: Practical Nursing (LPN) - CERT
Program Types Offered: Certificate

North Carolina

South College
Campus Locations in: Asheville, NC / Knoxville, TN / Nashville, TN
Matching Programs: AS Health Science
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree


Brightwood Career Institute
Campus Locations in: Franklin Mills, PA
Matching Programs: Respiratory Care - Associates
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree
Lincoln Technical Institute
Campus Locations in: Allentown, PA / Columbia, MD / Lincoln, RI / New Britain, CT
Matching Programs: Nursing (Practical)
Program Types Offered: Certificate, Diploma
McCann School of Business & Technology
Campus Locations in: Pottsville, PA
Matching Programs: Phlebotomist - Diploma
Program Types Offered: Diploma

Rhode Island

New England Institute of Technology
Campus Locations in: East Greenwhich, RI
Matching Programs: AS - Nursing
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree


Brightwood College
Campus Locations in: Friendswood, TX
Matching Programs: Nurse Assistant
Program Types Offered: Diploma

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