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Medical Assistant Schools in Mississippi

If you choose to enter the medical assistant field, you should have a desire to help others. If you have a desire to make patients comfortable and to assist in providing care, treating illnesses and assisting physicians, medical assisting could be a great profession for you. You will interact directly with patients, administering medical procedures such as suture removal and lab tests.

Medical assistants work in environments such as doctor’s offices, hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Often, medical assistants choose to further their career after being exposed to a wide range of medical techniques. The Affordable Care Act shifts the focus of medical care from a needs-based system to a preventative-based system, putting more pressure on physicians to provide efficient and timely care. Therefore, physicians may rely on medical assistants to provide routine tasks with patients so that they can meet their many patients’ needs.

If you are interested in learning about medical assistant training in Mississippi, contact the schools you see below for additional information.

Medical Assistant Education in Mississippi

There are several medical assistant programs available in Mississippi. Some of the programs are offered online, while others are offered in a traditional classroom setting.

Some of the courses you may take in a med assisting program in MS could include medical business practices, clinical procedures, medical law and ethics, anatomy and basic patient care practices. You may also be required to complete a practicum in order to graduate.

By becoming a certified medical assistant, you can help individuals and healthcare providers to maintain quality and efficiency within Mississippi. Contact those MS med assisting programs to learn more today about how you can enter this rewarding medical career.

Mississippi Medical Assisting Licensing in Mississippi

There is no requirement for post-secondary education in order to become a medical assistant in Mississippi. However, many employers are now requiring that medical assistants hold certification. Medical assistants are not required to be licensed, although those who hold certifications may find better job prospects throughout the state.

In order to become certified, the individual must successfully complete examinations offered through American Medical Technologists (AMT) or the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA). The National Health Career Association (NHA) also offers specialized certification opportunities. Most of the examinations, however, require graduation from an accredited certificate or associate degree program.

Medical Assisting Careers in Mississippi

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for Medical Assistants is expected to grow by 29 percent over the next ten years throughout the United States, a growth rate that is much higher than the average for other professions (BLS). As Baby Boomers age, the need for preventative medical care provided by physicians is expected to increase. As practices expand as a result, physicians will need additional assistants to perform routine and administrative duties and assist with patient care.

There are many reasons for the growth of the medical assistant profession including federal health legislation that is expected to increase access to medical care for many individuals who were unable to afford it before. This legislation also includes requirements for electronic health records which may also require additional assistants, especially those with strong experience in computers.

Listed below are all of the schools offering Medical Assistant programs in Mississippi. As a rule, you should contact at least 3-5 schools during the course of your research, and ideally more. There are important differences between the programs in terms of cost, admissions requirements, and other characteristics, and, as with many things in life, the way to find the best Medical Assistant program for your needs is to spend some time shopping around.

Here Are The Medical Assistant Schools…

Salary numbers provided are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.