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Medical Assistant Schools in Louisville
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Does the fast-paced, detail-oriented feel of the medical field appeal to you? If you want to serve people while working alongside doctors and nurses, consider becoming a medical assistant in Louisville! There are almost 600,000 people living in Louisville, all of whom may need your services as a medical assistant.

Before you can start your career as a medical assistant, you have to get a comprehensive education in the field. Medical assistant programs are rigorous and multi-faceted. This field is in high demand, so there are several different schools you can choose from in the Louisville area. You can use our list of schools to find and contact schools you may be interested in.

Where can you use your medical assistant degree after you graduate? Almost any place that uses doctors and nurses also hires medical assistants. As a new MA, you may work in some of Louisville’s largest hospitals, including University of Louisville Hospital, Norton Suburban Hospital, and Kindred Hospital Louisville.

When you begin a medical assistant program, your days will quickly be filled with classes, clinical work, and internship opportunities. You can get around Louisville easily and affordably by taking advantage of the Transit Authority of River City.

Medical Assistant Education in Louisville

If you’re wondering where you can earn a medical assistant degree, you can begin your search at local technical and community colleges. You may have the option of completing a one-year certificate program or a two-year Associate’s degree program. Tuition at these schools is often lower than at four-year colleges and universities. For example, tuition at Jefferson Community & Technical College is $144 per credit hour for Kentucky residents and $504 per credit hour for non-Kentucky residents.

Over the course of your two or four semesters in school, you’ll take classes that teach you about every part of being a medical assistant. Common courses include Medical Office Laboratory Procedures, Phlebotomy, Medical Ethics, Clinical Procedures, and Medical Terminology. You get to put all of this knowledge to work in your practicum courses, which take you into hospitals and medical clinics all over the Louisville area. During your practicum courses, you get to practice your skills on real patients and get feedback from instructors.

You may opt to pursue the title of Certified Medical Assistant as soon as 30 days prior to graduation. This certification lasts for five years and it can help you earn more money or take on more advanced job duties. You have to register with the American Association of Medical Assistants and take the required CMA exam to get your certificate.

Career Outlook for Medical Assistant Graduates in Louisville

After you have put in the hard work required to earn a medical assistant degree or diploma, it’s time to reap the rewards of your work and start an exciting new career in this field!

With the knowledge and skills you gain in an MA program, you may be ready to join the growing number of Medical Assistants working in the Louisville area. According to BLS statistics (2015), there are 2,550 MAs working in the Louisville metro area. If you work as a medical assistant, you may work on the floor of a medical clinic, hospital, or community clinic by working under a doctor or nurse. The average salary in Louisville for medical assistants is $30,020 per year, according to 2015 Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

As you begin your career, remember that networking can help you find a job and further your career. Consider joining a local group like the Kentucky Medical Association. This groups connects medical assistants, physician’s assistants, doctors, and other medical professionals.

Salary numbers provided are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.