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Medical Assistant Schools in Indiana

In the Midwestern state of Indiana, medical assistants and other health professionals are in high demand. This state has many regionally-known hospitals that see thousands of patients every year, leading to a growing need for different types of medical professionals that can provide patients with respectful and appropriate care.

Contact the schools you see below to request information about medical assistant schools in Indiana. You can then compare med assisting programs from across the state before choosing where to apply.

Employers are gearing up for a huge influx of new patients. NWI Times reports that the Indiana health insurance marketplace is preparing to add a wide range of health insurance plans. Once these patients start seeking out care, health employers will need to be able to see them while maintaining relationships with current patients.

Federal funds may make it possible for more health care institutions to hire medical assistants and other health care providers. Inside Indiana Business indicates that Indiana is one of the states that recently received millions of dollars from the federal government to help with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

If you’re unsure about starting a new career, it may help you to know that Indiana has many resources for aspiring medical assistants. The Indiana Society of Medical Assistants hosts regular events to help members meet others in their area and further their education. You may also learn about statewide changes in this career.

Medical Assistant Education in Indiana

As you learn more about the field of medical assisting, you may be more interested in the clinical aspect of this job or the administrative aspect. However, you’ll need to be equally skilled in both areas if you want to start a job in this field! It’s likely that your employer will need your abilities in one area more than another, but being a great clinical medical assistant and administrative medical assistant can have a positive effect on your career options.

Administrative skills covered in training include answering phones, scheduling patients, processing insurance information, and answering basic patient questions. You may also learn how to code for billing purposes and process a doctor’s paperwork. Classes that help you develop these skills might include Medical Administrative Aspects, Medical Professional Issues, and Insurance Billing and Coding.

Clinical abilities are developed in two ways. First, you take courses that help you learn about the language and theory of health care. These classes include Medical Terminology, Human Body in Health and Disease, and Medical Diagnostics. Once you have some of this knowledge memorized, you can move onto clinical work. Clinical classes give you the opportunity to perfect your hands-on skills and start learning about patient communication. You may take courses like Phlebotomy, Medical Assistant Externship, CPR, and Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics.

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As you prepare to start your education and learn all about the field of medical assisting, you may be wondering how you can pay or your degree. Of course, student loans may be an option, but you may wish to look into scholarships first. These funds do not need to be paid back like student loans.

Students can apply for scholarships through the Indiana Health Care Association. This organization supports students in many different health care organizations, so it may offer several scholarships. The Indiana Association for Health Care also helps health care students through scholarships. Their annual scholarship is worth $1,000.

Medical Assisting Careers in Indiana

Becoming a medical assistant may put you in the position to earn a wide range of salaries, as highlighted in the graph below. The overall job outlook in Indiana is quite promising. O*Net anticipates a 29 percent increase in medical assisting jobs between 2012 and 2022. On an annual basis, this may create over 600 new jobs (O*Net, 2012).

Listed below are all of the schools offering Medical Assistant programs in Indiana. As a rule, you should contact at least 3-5 schools during the course of your research, and ideally more. There are important differences between the programs in terms of cost, admissions requirements, and other characteristics, and, as with many things in life, the way to find the best Medical Assistant program for your needs is to spend some time shopping around.

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Salary numbers provided are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.