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Medical Assistant Schools in Hialeah
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Medical assistants play an important role in the health care community of Hialeah, Florida. Florida has an above-average aging population, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. This population may rely on medical assistants and other medical professionals to provide professional, timely care. More than 230,000 people live in Hialeah and use its health care services.

When you look into medical assistant schools in Hialeah, you can prepare to learn the skills you need to serve patients in your community. Consider looking into multiple schools in the area to find the ideal school for you. You can request information directly from our site to get more information today.

Schools and Jobs in Hialeah

There are many different medical assisting programs in Florida, often at technical colleges and community colleges. As a Hialeah student, you may be able to choose between a one-year certificate or a two-year Associate’s degree program.

The average salary for healthcare support workers, including medical assistants, in the Hialeah area is $32,300 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015. You may earn more as you gain experience in your field and take on more challenging duties.

In Florida, medical assistants can look forward to a fairly strong job outlook. There are currently over 6,420 MAs employed in the Hialeah area (BLS, 2015).

Numerous large employers rely on the services of medical assistants. Major employers in the Hialeah area include Mayorga Cardiology, West Broward Pediatrics, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and Meli Orthopedic Centers of Excellence.

Transportation and Networking in Hialeah

Hialeah is home to a large public transit system that can make completing your education much more affordable. The public transit system runs early and late all week long, allowing you to get to school, clinical sites, and your internship site.

As you begin working towards medical assistant certification, Florida has networking opportunities that can help you further your career. The Florida Society of Medical Assistants hosts an annual meeting every spring and offers continuing education opportunities. You can also learn more about how to provide evidence-based, patient-centered care in your daily work.

Florida scholarships can help you pay for your education. The Florida Public Health Association awards several scholarships each year.

Getting a Medical Assistant Degree

If you plan on working towards medical assistant certification, Florida schools can help you with a thorough education program. CAAHEP-accredited schools can prepare you for the American Association of Medical Assistants Certification Exam.

Whether you decide to earn an Associate’s degree, certificate, or diploma, you can plan on gaining a wide variety of skills. Since many jobs require medical assistants to take on front desk or clerical duties, you may take courses like Medical Assistant Administrative Procedures and Medical Administrative Aspects. However, much of your program may focus on clinical skills, since you need to feel comfortable working with patients and assisting medical professionals. Courses in this area include Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures and Medical Assistant Lab Procedures.

To be successful as a medical assistant, it’s important to have a strong knowledge base of medications, medical terminology, and the human body. To this end, you may take classes like Pharmacology for Allied Health and Medical Terminology.

Toward the end of your time at your program, you’ll likely complete an internship. Most medical assistant schools in Florida include this in their curriculum. This experience can tie all of your knowledge together and prepare you for the workplace.

Salary numbers provided are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.