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Medical Assistant Schools in San Francisco

There are several reasons to want to go to college – especially in today’s competitive and global economy. This means not only are we competing against millions of others for jobs in the states that we live in, but for the entire standard of which we live. Because of this, education should be one of our primary investments that we can make. If you have been considering investing in your own future as a medical assistant, and you live in the San Francisco area, here are some extremely helpful tidbits to guide you along your way.

Why Become a Medical Assistant in San Francisco?

There are over 50 schools that offer a medical assistant program in California. Hundreds of students graduate each year, and set out to embark on their new journey in the medical field. What makes a career as a medical assistant in San Francisco so appealing?

Statistics from the BLS website. found 9,710 medical assistants were employed in the San Francisco area as of 2016, making a mean annual wage of $43,070 (2016). Attending a medical assistant program in California can position for a comfortable salary in a rewarding career. Why wouldn’t you want to better your life? Brag about your college degree? Be proud that you support yourself? You can take advantage of the available opportunities that medical assistant certification California has to offer that benefit both you and your community.

Medical Assistant San Francisco Scholarship and Grant Opportunities

Setting out to earn your medical assistant certification usually takes one to two years. Although educational costs are significantly lower than most other associated medical careers, many students are still faced with a cost too great to afford. Applying for various medical assistant related scholarships and grants has been the answer to many successful students’ financial needs.

There are several helpful scholarships and grants medical assistants can apply for. With a little research, you may end up getting your college education for much less than anticipated. Here are some great resources to help you get started. You never know what you might qualify for, so don’t hesitate to apply for several at a time. A few key sites for finding funding are listed below.

  • – Find California related grants on your state grant site.
  • – Your financial aid office
  • – Any local religious, business, or community organization
  • – Your high school counselor (or TRIO)
  • – US Department of Labor scholarship tool

If you are ready to begin your career as a Medical Assistant in San Francisco, the first step is to contact the schools that interest you and request program materials. Once you have decided which medical assistant programs in the area are your best options, you can apply and start your education to enter this essential medical field.

Salary numbers provided are from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.