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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Tennessee

One of the biggest parts of medical care in the United States is pharmaceutical medications. Whether people are on them for acute or chronic conditions, it is always essential that patients have the chance to get their medications promptly and accurately. A growing workload at many pharmacies may lead to longer wait times and more medication errors. By learning how to become a pharmacy technician in Tennessee, you can take the burden off of local pharmacies and ensure accuracy in prescription filling.

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The duties given to pharmacy technicians are diverse, depending on the needs of the supervising pharmacist and local customers. You may spend most of your time at the counter, talking to customers or taking in new prescriptions. You may also contact prescribing practitioners and insurance companies for clarification.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Tennessee

When you enroll in a pharmacy tech program in Tennessee, you may have to study a variety of fields to prepare for graduation and the expectations of your new career. One subject you study extensively is the human body. By taking courses like Anatomy & Physiology and Human Biology, you begin to understand how medications affect the body and which mechanisms they use to work.

Other courses show you how pharmaceutical medications are made and how dosages are determined. To gain experience in this area, you may take classes like Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmaceutical Preparations and Techniques, and Pharmaceutical Compounding.

A third part of your training explores the pharmaceutical industry, your role in it, and how you can help advance it. You may take courses like Pharmacy and the Health Care System, Pharmacy Law and Ethics, and Pharmacy Operations & Prescription Processing to develop your understanding in this subject.

Finally, at the end of your degree, you will likely complete an internship or externship. In addition to giving you irreplaceable work experience in your chosen field, this type of course can help you build a professional network of pharmacy contacts in your neighborhood.

Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Tennessee

After learning how to become a pharmacy tech in Tennessee and going through the necessary educational steps, you are nearly ready to begin your career. As you approach your graduation date, you may want to register for the certification exam that is offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Getting your certification through this association may make it easier for you to get your state practice license from the Tennessee Department of Health. To prepare for this process, you may want to get official copies of your transcript and official hour logs of your work experience.

Though the need for pharmacy technicians is growing all over the country, and it is especially promising in Tennessee. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net hopes to see a 26% increase in job openings. This growth rate is 6% higher than the national average (O*Net, 2012). Their 2014 data shows that the average salary for a pharmacy technician in this state is $28,600 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Take the first step in your new career today. Reach out to pharmacy tech programs in Tennessee for more information.


Daymar College
Campus Locations in: Clarksville, TN / Murfreesboro, TN / Nashville, TN
Matching Programs: Pharmacy Technology Associate
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Diploma

Fortis College
Campus Locations in: Cookeville, TN / Nashville, TN
Matching Programs: Medical Laboratory Technology
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

Remington College
Campus Locations in: Nashville, TN
Matching Programs: Pharmacy Technician- Diploma
Program Types Offered: Diploma

South College
Campus Locations in: Knoxville, TN
Matching Programs: AS Health Science, AS Health Science (Pre-Pharmacy)
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

Virginia College
Campus Locations in: Chattanooga, TN
Matching Programs: Pharmacy Technician
Program Types Offered: Diploma