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Pharmacy Technician Programs in North Dakota

Few industries have ever seen as much growth as the field of health care has seen in the last few years. With all Americans receiving health insurance, the demand for medical services and medical care providers is at an all-time high in many states. In North Dakota, where people may need to drive long distances to receive care or fill prescriptions, the need for support staff is extremely high.

If you want to help fill this need, find out more about pharmacy technician programs in North Dakota by contacting the schools listed below.

Becoming a pharmacy technician may be a good move for you if you like to work with people. This is a fast-paced work setting that often involves dealing with dozens or hundreds of customers every day. You must be able to maintain your focus and concentrate while working, as pharmaceutical medications can be extremely dangerous when incorrectly given.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in North Dakota

Are you curious about which type of pharmacy tech program is right for you? Depending on which part of the North Dakota you live in, you may have several program choices to think about. The shortest option is often a certificate or diploma program, since these programs often require fewer than six months of study. An Associate’s degree tends to be the most in-depth option, since the degree requires four semesters of study.

These programs tend to overlap considerably, with many requiring the same courses. As a pharmacy technician student, you may take classes like Pharmaceutical Calculations, Issues in Pharmacy, Outpatient Pharmacy Systems, Pharmacology for Pharmacy Technicians, Medical Terminology, and Ethics in Pharmacy Technology.

These courses all have a very specific goal: to prepare you for your clinical work experience as a pharmacy technician. Your school should have connections with local pharmacies. Before you graduate, you should complete an internship or externship to start building connections in the community and put your new professional skills to work. You must be able to recall information quickly and accurately, so you may want to set aside extra study time to prepare for your clinical work.

Working as a Pharmacy Technician in North Dakota

All over the country, the need for pharmacy technicians is expanding quickly. This trend has continued in North Dakota and is expected to continue for some time. Between the years 2012 and 2022, O*Net reports an expected 18% increase in pharmacy technician jobs. In general, salaries in this field tend to be higher in North Dakota than in many other parts of the country. O*Net notes that North Dakota pharmacy technicians earn an average salary of $35,700 per year.

Before you begin working, you must meet the licensure expectations of the state. This involves obtaining your national certification via the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. On a statewide level, you must get your state practice license from the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy.

Your interest in health care can improve your community and your career outlook. Find out more today by contacting pharmacy technician programs in North Dakota.

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