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Maine Pharmacy Technician Schools

In the health care field, there are many types of health care support staff. While many people think that doctors, pharmacists, and other high-level practitioners do all the heavy lifting, support personnel go a long way in shortening patient wait time and ensuring that they get the care they deserve. If you want to contribute to the health care community of Maine, contact the schools below to learn more about pharmacy technician schools in Maine.

When you become a pharmacy technician, you may use your skills to ensure that prescriptions are properly written and filled, ensure that patients get the medications they need when they need them, and make the most of pharmacists’ valuable work time.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Maine

Pharmacy technician programs in Maine are often very rigorous, as you have to have many different skills to be a successful pharmacy technician Maine. Programs in this state aim to create technicians that are well-versed in different pharmaceutical medications, able to function in a high-stress customer service environment, and aware of the crucial nature of the work they do.

To reach these goals, you may attend programs that last between six months and two years. Certificate and diploma programs tend to be closer to the six month mark, while Associate’s-level pharmacy programs require four full semesters of study.

Regardless of which educational path you choose, many of the courses you take may be the same. Classes in your curriculum may include Pharmacology I and II, Out-Patient Pharmacy Systems, Applied Pharmacy Systems, Issues in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Calculations, and Medical Terminology.

Throughout your program, practical work experience should be an important part of your education. Early in your pharmacy tech program, you may shadow pharmacy techs and learn from their experience. As you progress, however, you may take on more duties and work independently as a pharmacy technician. You can plan on spending several hundred hours in practical work settings.

Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Maine

Upon completing your education at your chosen school, you may find that an excellent job outlook awaits you in Maine. According to O*Net, job openings for pharmacy technicians are expected to increase by 14% through the year 2022. This is fairly similar to national job growth in this field. Across the state, the average salary for a pharmacy technician is $28,900 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Each state has requirements for its pharmacy technicians. In Maine, you should first start by signing up for the certification exam through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Once you’ve met this goal, you can go for statewide licensure, which is overseen by the Maine Board of Pharmacy. Pharmacy technician certification Maine permits you to officially work under the title of pharmacy technician in Maine.

Maine’s demand for pharmacy technicians is on the rise, so take the first step to your new career now. Reach out to pharmacy technician programs to learn how to become a pharmacy technician in Maine.

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