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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Kentucky

Health care is a huge industry in the United States. This is expected to continue as the Affordable Care Act is enacted throughout the United States. By completing your education now and getting specialized training in a health care field, you may be ready to benefit from industry-wide growth.

Find out more about pharmacy technician schools in Kentucky and what they expect of students by requesting program information from the schools below.

If you have an eye for detail and a scientific mind, you may thrive in the field of pharmacy technology. Pharmaceutical prescriptions are extremely precise, and if you can catch small differences and possible errors, you can help pharmacies throughout Kentucky avoid costly or even deadly errors.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Kentucky

When you start your career as a Kentucky pharmacy technician, you should be able to stand on your own two feet, do whatever your supervising pharmacist expects of you, and work independently behind the counter of a pharmacy. This requires quite a bit of education and training.

You can plan on extensively studying most aspects of pharmacy practice, ethics, and laws. In your curriculum, you may find courses like Pharmaceutical Calculations, Intravenous Admixture, Institutional Pharmacy Practice, Therapeutic Agents of Body Systems, Pharmacology, Orientation to Pharmacy Practice, and Community Pharmacy Practice.

Regardless of whether you earn a diploma, certificate, or Associate’s degree, you must get clinical work experience before you graduate and become a pharmacy technician. By working at hospital, clinic, and retail pharmacies, you can learn the differences between different work settings and discover how to apply your skills to each type of pharmacy. You may also build professional relationships with pharmacists and pharmacy techs, allowing you to prepare for your career after graduation.

Some schools prepare you for certification as a pharmacy tech. By reviewing course materials and working with your peers, you can go into your certification exam feeling confident and prepared.

Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Kentucky

Starting your career as a pharmacy technician can give you an excellent way to get into the field of health care. Pharmacy techs in this state can earn a competitive range of salaries; the average income is $25,800 per year (O*Net, 2014). The highest-paid 10% earn more than $37,800 per year (O*Net, 2014).

Anticipated job growth in Kentucky is quite positive. Through the year 2022, O*Net predicts a 22% increase in pharmacy tech jobs. When compared to the national job growth rate, this is slightly higher (O*Net, 2012).

Before you can take advantage of these employment benefits, you have to finish the process of pharmacy technician certification Kentucky. After you get your national certification through the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, you can have your exam scores sent to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy. They give you your state practice license after verifying that you meet their training and education requirements.

Take the next step in your career by contacting pharmacy technician Kentucky schools. Use our comprehensive list of schools below to find programs near you and contact them for more information.

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