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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Indiana

All across Indiana, there are thousands of hospitals and clinics that prescribe prescriptions every single day. Patients and doctors alike rely on pharmacy technicians and pharmacists to fill these prescriptions without errors or delays. By learning about pharmacy protocols, procedures, and laws, you can become a valuable member of this growing industry.

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As a growing number of people rely on prescription medications to maintain their health and vitality, the health care industry is beginning to recognize the importance of dedicated, trained pharmacy technicians. In fact, many states award Pharmacy Technician of the Year awards, which highlight the efforts of the country’s best pharmacy professionals. To learn how to become a pharmacy technician in Indiana, discover what schools in this state can teach you.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Indiana

Before you can begin working as a technician in Indiana, you must be well-versed in many aspects of medication administration and prescription. Though pharmacy technicians do not prescribe or physically fill prescriptions, it’s important to know how these processes work so you can catch any potential errors or mistakes. The courses you take should strengthen your education in pharmacology, medication mixtures, calculations, health insurance, and terminology.

Some of the courses you may take as a pharmacy student include Pharmaceutical Calculations, Pharmacy Law, Medical Terminology, Fundamentals of Reading Prescriptions, Pharmacy Parenteral Admixtures, and Pharmacy Drug Distribution Systems.
The time you spend in the classroom is very important. However, the time you spend in clinical settings is even more important. As an advanced pharmacy student, you may complete an internship or a clinical rotation. This may give you exposure to different types of medications, different patient populations, and various work environments. With this experience, you may be able to build a network of professional contacts to help you get started in your new career.

One of the benefits of starting a career in the health care industry is the variety of scholarship opportunities that are available. There are quite a few government agencies, private organizations, and employers that fund grants. The Indiana Health Care Association is one such organization. You may also look at financial aid provided by pharmacy technician programs in Indiana.

Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Indiana

Through the Indiana Board of Pharmacy, you can obtain your pharmacy technician license. With this license, you may seek out technician employment in a variety of settings. Obtaining pharmacy technician certification Indiana is the final step to beginning your new career.

Once you’ve met pharmacy technician requirements Indiana, you may begin to benefit from the state’s strong job outlook. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net predicts an 11% increase in pharmacy tech jobs. They note that the average salary in Indiana is $28,200 per year (O*Net, 2014).

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