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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Arizona

Perhaps you’ve worked in the health care field before and you’re ready for a change, or maybe you’ve just started learning about the strength of the health care industry and you’re interested in getting involved. No matter what attracts you to this industry, you may want to consider learning how to become a pharmacy technician in Arizona. Keep reading to learn more about what pharmacy techs do and how you can get started in this field.

You can also request program information from the schools listed below to learn more about your options.

As states throughout the country change their standards for pharmacy techs, it’s important to prepare for this job by completing a comprehensive education program and building up your skills. Doing so can give you the background you need to protect patients and grow in your career.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Arizona

To qualify for licensure and certification as a pharmacy tech, you must receive training in many different areas. It’s important to study the learning objectives of your program and find out what your instructors want you to learn. Upon graduation, you may need to understand different classes of medications and medications within each class, know how to measure out and hand out prescriptions, and what your scope of practice is as a technician in an Arizona pharmacy.

To feel confident in all of these areas, you must enroll in many different courses. Courses that you may have to take include Orientation to Pharmacy Technology, Inpatient Dispensing, Dosage Calculations, Aseptic Technique, Dispensing & Compounding, Dispensing & Compounding, and Pharmacology.

These courses often lead up to a clinical experience at the end of your education. At a hospital, retail, or clinic pharmacy, you may learn how to work in a fast-paced health care environment and keep up with the demands of your supervising pharmacist.

Health care associations and organizations in Arizona award a number of scholarships and grants to pharmacy students. Consider contacting the Arizona Health Care Foundation for information on scholarships provided to students enrolled in pharmacy technician schools in Arizona. You may also want to look at the grants available at each individual school, as most schools have extensive health care scholarship programs.

Working as a Pharmacy Technician in Arizona

Once you have finished your pharmacy education, it’s time to gain pharmacy technician certification Arizona. You may contact the Arizona State Board of Pharmacy to get information on the certification process.

Anticipated job growth in this state is quite promising. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net anticipates a 22% increase in pharmacy tech job openings. The average salary for an Arizona pharmacy tech is $32,200 per year, which is slightly more than the national average for a tech.

Are you ready to change your future with a rewarding health care career? Take the first step now by contacting pharmacy technician programs in Arizona.

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