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Dental Assistant Programs in New Hampshire

Even if patients only see the dentist once or twice a year, it takes a lot of work to make sure that every visit goes smoothly and according to schedule. A well-trained, motivated dental assistant can be a lifesaver for any New Hampshire dental clinic.

If a dentist had to set up their own supplies, do all of their patient cleanings, and do administrative tasks throughout the day, they would have very little time left to actually see their patients.

If you’re interested in starting a career as a dental assistant and making a difference for people in your area, contact New Hampshire dental assistant training programs and schools to get more information.

Dental Assistant Schools in New Hampshire

There are two main parts to any dental assistant program. The first part is theory. You must understand dental terminology, ethics, and techniques before you can do your part in a dental office.

However, hands-on experience is just as important. Clinical rotations ensure that you can put your skills to work with real patients and take directions from a supervising dentist.

No matter which program you decide to attend in New Hampshire, you should ensure that clinical experience is a core part of your overall education.

Dental Assisting Class Options

  • Dental Assisting Science
  • Dental Radiology for Dental Assistants
  • Dental Materials
  • Dental Assisting Theory
  • Dental Assisting Clinical Experience
  • Oral Hygiene Education and Nutrition
  • Medical Emergencies

During your search, you may find several types of dental assistant New Hampshire programs. Diploma and certificate programs aim to give you a quick introduction to the world of dental care and help you develop the core skills needed in this career path. An Associate’s degree also focuses on the importance of general education and knowledge, so it requires about 60 credits instead of 30. Students with limited access to local, in-person programs may look into dental assistant programs online. You do still need to complete your clinical requirements in person, but you may be able to complete your theory assignments and tests online on your schedule.

Once you have selected a program to attend, you can move on to the financial aid part of the process. Don’t forget to look into scholarships funded by groups like Colgate Professional.

Working as a Dental Assistant in New Hampshire

By the time you complete your education, you should be familiar with New Hampshire dental assistant requirements. Basic functions and skills do not require licensure.

You do need New Hampshire dental assistant certification to do x-rays or expanded assisting functions. This involves becoming a Certified Dental Assistant through the New Hampshire Board of Dental Examiners.

New Hampshire’s need for dental assistants is on the rise. By 2024, you may see a 15% jump in job openings (O*Net, 2016). The average dental assistant salary in New Hampshire is $45,480 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016).

If you’re ready to get started, New Hampshire schools are ready to help you.

Compare options on the list below and request information from programs that interest you.