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Dental Assistant Schools in Colorado

Dental Assistant Programs in Colorado

Dentists are highly specialized doctors that often have packed schedules. On top of that, they have to see emergency patients who struggle with tooth decay, infections, and exposed nerves. For these reasons, it’s important for dentists to have reliable, highly-trained assistants with them in the office.

As a dental assistant, you can educate clients on procedures, complete basic cleaning procedures, and give doctors the information they need when they’re ready to see a patient.

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Dental Assistant Schools in Colorado

Colorado dental assistant programs are located throughout the state, giving you the opportunity to complete your training wherever you may live. Students who do not live close to a dental assistant training program may look into finishing their dental assistant training online.

You can consider a certificate in dental assisting, which requires one to two semesters of full-time study. This option does not always cover advanced dental training techniques, but you also don’t have to take many general education courses.

You may also find many Associate’s-level programs at dental assistant schools in Colorado. If you go this route, plan on spending about two years in school.

Courses Taught at Colorado Dental Assistant Programs

  • Principles of Clinical Practice
  • Dental Science
  • Dental Materials
  • Dental Radiography
  • Infection Control
  • Prevention and Nutrition in Dentistry
  • Dental Office Management
  • Specialties in Dentistry

At one-year and two-year Colorado Springs dental assistant programs, you get the benefit of hands-on experience. While under the supervision of an instructor, you can work alongside a dentist and practice your skills with real patients.

Some dental programs have on-site programs that provide services to low-income individuals, providing an excellent environment for students to get a wide range of experience.

You may save money on your education by applying for financial aid. Federal grants do not need to be paid back and are based on financial need. Many organizations and employers have scholarships for promising students. The ADAA Student Achievement Award is given to dental assisting students with a history of strong academic performance.

Now that you know more about becoming a dental assistant, check out local dental hygienist programs. Colorado schools are listed below for your convenience.

Working as a Dental Assistant in Colorado

After you graduate, you may explore job openings in Colorado. Colorado dental assistant laws do not require licensure for most procedures, saving you time and letting you jump into the workforce.

Between 2014 and 2024, job openings for Colorado dental assistants may swell 29% (O*Net, 2016). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental assistants bring in an average income of $39,060 per year (2016).

If you’ve been looking for a great way to get involved in the field of healthcare, dental assisting may be the career path for you.

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