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Medical Coding and Billing in Rhode Island

Though Rhode Island has the smallest geographical area in the United States, it has an extremely active and ever-changing health care industry. The population density in Rhode Island is among the highest in the country, creating the need for an efficient medical system with few glitches or bumps.

When you look at the future of medical care in Rhode Island, this becomes even more clear. The two largest clinics/hospitals in Rhode Island are looking at merging, a move that would put 70% of Rhode Island care in their hands (Rhode Island Public Radio, 2015). Medical coding and billing specialists must work hard and study extensively to meet the strict state standards of Rhode Island, not to mention the high standards of the federal government.

When you study coding and billing, you learn how doctors and care providers charge and get paid for a wide variety of services, diagnoses, and treatments. Delve more into what you can learn in this field of study by contacting medical coding and billing programs in Rhode Island.

What to Expect in Rhode Island Medical Coding and Billing Training

Below, you can find all of the medical coding and billing programs in Rhode Island. This makes it easy for you to find programs near you and different degree options you may have. Quite a few technical schools and community colleges have diploma, certificate, and Associate’s degree programs in this area of study. However, don’t let the different degree names trip you up. They tend to address the same learning goals, so you simply have to think about the choice that is best for you.

Working in coding and billing means that you need to understand how doctors and nurses work, how they document the procedures and tests they do, and how to accurately code and bill for all of the documentation you receive.

To help you reach these goals, your program should include a mix of classroom time and work experience. Your curriculum may list courses like Human Disease for Health Professionals, ICD Procedural Coding, ICD Diagnosis Coding, and Software Applications for Health Information Management.

Through your school, you may be able to apply for financial aid. A major organization in Rhode Island is the Rhode Island Foundation.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional in Rhode Island

With a merger of two large companies on the horizon, employment options in Rhode Island may be quite different from those in other states. As these companies merge, you may find that the vast majority of job openings throughout the state fall under one large employer. However, you may still seek openings at insurance companies, private clinics, and specialty clinics.

To have as many job options as possible, you might look into certification. AAPC allows skilled, educated professionals to become certified in medical coding and billing after passing a comprehensive test. This level of dedication is often a selling point for employers.

Rhode Island has above-average salaries in many fields, including medical support careers. Across the state, the average salary for a medical records technician is $40,000 per year (O*Net, 2015). The job outlook is expected to remain stable for several years to come. O*Net predicts a 13% boost in job openings in the years between 2012 and 2022 (2015).

In a state that values the quality of life of its residents and has a solid safety net, health care is undoubtedly one of the most crucial industries. Find out how you can start your career by checking out our list of medical coding and billing programs in Rhode Island.