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Medical Coding and Billing in Pennsylvania

How have changing standards and new statutes changed the care provided in Pennsylvania? In the last few years, care providers in Pennsylvania have tried to ramp up services and speed of care to keep up with the demands of a growing patient base. However, federal expectations don’t just deal with quality of care, which has made huge strides in Pennsylvania. These laws also address the funding and cost of health care.

Health care expenses are important to insurance companies, private payers, medical centers, and the government. In turn, the Pennsylvania state government has increased its analysis of health care fraud and its enforcement of billing laws (Post-Gazette, 2015). Care providers that bill incorrectly or bill too much for the services they provide may face hefty fines or even the loss of their institutional licenses.

The need for medical coding and billing specialists has never been more important than it is now. Careful, skilled professionals can help their employers avoid timely and expensive fines. Find out how you can get involved by contacting medical coding and billing programs in Pennsylvania.

What to Expect in Pennsylvania Medical Coding and Billing Training

You may be shocked to discover just how much you can learn in a coding and billing program. Of course, most of your courses may focus on different coding and billing languages and programs, plus techniques used by professionals to work more accurately and efficiently. However, throughout your course of study, you should also learn about human anatomy, common health care practitioner procedures, and medical terminology.

You should plan on spending between six months and two years in school, during which you tackle all of the above subjects and more. To get a full grasp of coding and billing, you may take courses like Standard Health Care Practices, Health Law Concepts, ICD Coding for Procedures, ICD Coding for Diagnoses, and Principles of Public Health. Your education may end with some type of clinical experience.

One of the benefits of working in health care is how quickly this industry is growing. In order to attract more people to the field, many employers, government agencies, and organizations have financial aid programs for health care students. One local resource to check out is the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education, which awards funding to students in different specialties.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional in Pennsylvania

With patient loads increasing at clinics and hospitals across Pennsylvania, you should not be surprised to find out that the need for medical support staff—including coding and billing technicians—is on the rise. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net reports an expected 19% increase in job openings in Pennsylvania (2015). The average salary for a technician in this state is $34,200 per year (O*Net, 2015).

Depending on what your goals are and what you want to do with your career, you may want to become certified in medical coding and billing. AAPC offers standardized certification in both areas of study, as well as specialized certification for technicians who have gained experienced in different medical fields. If you choose an accredited school in Pennsylvania, you’ll likely be ready to apply for certification upon graduating.

Medical coding and billing specialists are the unsung heroes of the health care industry. They make sure that costs and billing procedures are reasonable, avoiding excessive costs or billing mistakes for insurance companies and individuals. This field benefits everyone who receives health care services or works in this field.

Make your move and contact medical coding and billing programs in Pennsylvania now.


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Campus Locations in: Wyomissing, PA
Matching Programs: Medical Billing and Coding – Diploma
Program Types Offered: Diploma

McCann School of Business & Technology
Campus Locations in: Allentown, PA / Lewisburg, PA / Pottsville, PA
Matching Programs: Electronic Health Records – Associate in Specialized Business – Allentown
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Diploma

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Campus Locations in: Altoona, PA
Matching Programs: Medical Billing & Coding – Diploma
Program Types Offered: Diploma