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Medical Coding and Billing in New York

It is no secret that every state in the country has had to work hard to adjust to the Affordable Care Act, its expectations, and how it must be applied to existing institutions and insurance policies. New York is one state that has had numerous difficulties. Due to the large amount of people who live in the state, it can be quite difficult for medical institutions to maintain their quality of care while also handling a new influx of patients.

A big concern in New York is keeping health care costs reasonable. Reports indicate that a huge amount of people in New York qualify and use subsidies for their health insurance payments (Times Union, 2015). This means that care costs are under a microscope in New York, as insurance companies and government officials want to ensure that their money is being spent properly.

How do companies protect themselves from errors, fines, and sanctions? They utilize the services of professional medical coding and billing technicians, who have specialized training in this field.

Find out how you can become one by contacting medical coding and billing programs in New York.

What to Expect in New York Medical Coding and Billing Training

When you compare this career path to others in the medical industry, you may notice that you need a bit less training to become a billing technician than you do to start just about any other health care career. However, don’t assume that this means that the program is easy. Rather, know that you’ll need to pack a lot of specialized training and information into a training program that lasts between six months and two years.

To meet the graduation requirements of your chosen school, you may take a variety of rigorous courses. Some of the classes that may be part of your curriculum include Standard Health Care Practices, Principles of Disease, Medical Terminology, Health Law Concepts and Practices, and Basic ICD Coding.

Knowing the concepts and theories of this field is a great first step, but you must also know how to work professionally in a health care setting. That’s why it’s helpful to complete a practicum, an internship, or a clinical assignment.

You can begin applying for financial aid as soon as you have been accepted into a program. A large scholarship provider in New York is the New York State Health Facilities Organization.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional in New York

One of the benefits of becoming a coding and billing technician is the fact that you can take your skills just about anywhere. However, there are definitely benefits that come with staying in New York. Salaries tend to be fairly competitive; medical records technicians in New York earn an average salary of $40,000 per year (O*Net, 2015). According to O*Net, job openings are expected to increase 17% by 2022 in New York (2015). This is a fairly in-demand position, so you may find that there are openings in rural areas, in suburban communities, and in major metropolitan areas.

You have the chance to earn certification in this field. This is not required, which just means that employers may be more impressed by the extra work you go through in order to become certified. Becoming certified involves taking a comprehensive exam and submitting your application to AAPC.

The health care industry of New York isn’t expected to stop growing anytime soon. Use your career to improve care for millions of New York residents. Contact medical coding and billing programs in New York now.