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Medical Coding and Billing in Indiana

Health care is one of the largest industries in the United States. Since this industry affects people of all ages, backgrounds, and medical needs, it is clear that it relies on a huge variety of skilled professionals to run smoothly and affordably. For example, while doctors and nurses may provide the majority of patient care, administrative staff ensure that care providers are paid for the work they do and that patients are not getting overcharged.

This is great news for you if you would like to work in the medical industry! If you think that you would be better suited to a health care career that focuses on administrative work rather than patient care, you can learn more about the field of medical coding and billing. Medical coding and billing is particularly important right now, as Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 aims to make care accessible to all Indiana residents. This means keeping costs reasonable for the state and for patients.

If you would like to be part of this initiative, contact medical coding and billing programs in Indiana.

What to Expect in Indiana Medical Coding and Billing Training

Becoming a contributing member of the health care industry means tackling a specific set of skills and mastering them. Health care billing and coding is a very specialized part of this field, so you must be ready to memorize thousands of codes and learn about the specific standards and requirements of this career.

Throughout the course of your training, you should learn how to protect patient information, work accurately and professionally with a variety of medical professionals, develop an understanding of health care billing paperwork, and learn about the basic and advanced concepts of health insurance.
To meet these goals, you may complete a curriculum of courses that lasts between one semester and four semesters. Some of the courses you may take include Medical Claims Reimbursement, Medical Insurance Coding, Medical Insurance Principles, Medical Office Terminology, and Computerized Medical Billing.

Getting as much practical experience as you can is highly recommended. In the early stages of education, this means working with different computer programs that are used in medical coding and billing. As you near the end of your education, this means completing an internship at a local health care institution.

Dedicating a bit of time to applying for scholarships and grants can help you save money on your educational expenses. The Indiana Health Care Association is one of the largest providers of medical scholarships in the state.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional in Indiana

Once you successfully complete your program and you feel confident about your skills in medical coding and billing, you are ready to start working independently. You may seek job opportunities at many different places, including hospitals, clinics, government agencies, health insurance companies, and nursing homes.

To make the most of your job opportunities, you may want to get certified in medical coding. This is not mandatory, but getting certified may take your career to the next level. AAPC offers several different levels of coding and billing certification, including specialty options for those who have experience in medical specialties.

When you start your career in Indiana, you may enjoy numerous benefits. Salaries in this state tend to be in line with national averages. Currently, the average salary for a coding and billing specialist in Indiana is $32,900 per year (O*Net, 2014). Through the year 2022, job openings are expected to increase 23% (O*Net, 2015).

Are you ready to use your skills in the health care industry? If you are, get started now by reaching out to medical billing and coding programs in Indiana.


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Campus Locations in: Indianapolis, IN
Matching Programs: Medical Assisting
Program Types Offered: Certificate
Programmatic Accreditation: ABHES

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Campus Locations in: Fort Wayne, IN / Indianapolis, IN
Matching Programs: Medical Assistant Program
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Diploma
Programmatic Accreditation: CAAHEP

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Campus Locations in: Anderson, IN / Columbus, IN / Evansville, IN / Fort Wayne, IN / Indianapolis, IN / Kokomo, IN / Lafayette, IN / Lawrenceburg, IN / Madison, IN / Marion, IN / Michigan City, IN / Muncie, IN / Richmond, IN / Sellersburg, IN / South Bend, IN / Terre Haute, IN
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Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Certificate
Programmatic Accreditation: CAAHEP

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Matching Programs: Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Medical Insurance Billing and Office Administration
Program Types Offered: Certificate, Diploma
Programmatic Accreditation: ABHES