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Medical Coding and Billing in District of Columbia

Washington DC has been at the center of the health care industry for decades, thanks to the fact that every single federal decision regarding this industry is made here. As a result, the successes and failures of this region are often used to make legislative decisions in other states.

As the Affordable Care Act has taken effect across the country, Washington DC officials note that uninsured rates are down in every state, including Washington DC.

What does this mean for this industry? It means that the need for medical professionals is growing faster than the number of people who are trained to work in this field. If you are looking for a new career with a solid job outlook and potential for growth, the field of medical billing may be an excellent option.

Learn more by contacting medical coding and billing programs in Washington DC.

What to Expect in Washington DC Medical Coding and Billing Training

There are several different levels of medical coding and billing training, which gives you quite a bit of flexibility in your education. You can simply choose the program that best fits your career goals and how much time you want to dedicate your education.

You may be able to gain the skills you need in as little as one semester. Some programs are as long as two years. You may wish to compare course listings for different programs to find out exactly what you can learn as a coding and billing student.

The curriculum for the program you choose should introduce you to ICD coding, CPT coding, billing procedures, medical insurance terminology and procedures, and ethics in the healthcare industry. Some of the courses that may be required include Management of Medical Information, ICD Coding, CPT Coding, Microcomputer Applications, Medical Insurance Billing, and Medical Office Concepts. Your school may require or recommend an internship, particularly if they have connections with local employers.

One of the benefits of living in Washington DC is the fact that you have access to many types of federal financial aid. The National Health Service Corps awards grants and loans to students who meet specific requirements. You may be able to have your loans forgiven if you work in an area that is currently under-served.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional in Washington DC

Once you graduate, you should be ready to join the workforce in Washington DC. If you complete an internship, you may already have some professional connections that can help you secure a position and start putting your education to use. You may also find it helpful to become certified in medical billing and coding through AAPC. This organization is the largest and most recognized certification program in this industry.

The future appears stable for medical coding and billing specialists in Washington DC. By the year 2022, O*Net predicts a 12% increase in job openings for medical records specialists. Salaries in Washington DC tend to be much higher than national averages. Medical billing specialists in this area earn an average of $47,660 per year, which is over $10,000 above the national average (O*Net, 2015).

If you are ready to invest in your future with a career in health care, don’t hesitate. Contact medical coding and billing programs in Washington DC now.