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Medical Coding and Billing in Arizona

One of the benefits of working in the medical industry is the range of career choices that are available. In Arizona, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act has led to a huge increase in patients, medical procedures, and insurance procedures. Medical coding and billing specialists are the key to charging for procedures and services properly.

The health care industry is changing at an extremely rapid pace. This is affecting the workflow of Arizona health care professionals and the care received by Arizona patients. In late 2015, a new version of the billing and coding system was rolled out across the country. Coding and billing experts in Arizona note that this has caused some difficulties in the field, particularly amongst different medical specialties that have a huge number of new diagnoses to code for.

If you are meticulous in your work, a career in medical billing may be right up your alley. Keep reading to find out more about Arizona medical coding and billing programs.

What to Expect in Arizona Medical Coding and Billing Training

Medical coding and billing is a unique specialty in the health care industry, so you should be ready to complete quite a bit of specialized training before you are ready to work independently. Unlike most other health careers, which focus on patient care and interaction, medical coding and billing relies almost exclusively on technical knowledge and critical reasoning.

Over the course of six months to two years, depending on which program you choose, you should develop a working knowledge of coding and billing procedures, human anatomy, the medical industry, and diagnoses used in various specialties.

To become well-versed in these subject areas, you take a variety of courses throughout your education. Your curriculum may include classes like Medical Information Management, Medical Office Concepts, Medical Office Terminology, Records Management, Medical Insurance Billing, and Medical Coding. You may find that practical experience is highly emphasized in this program, which is why many schools require you to complete an internship or externship before graduating.

Once you have been accepted to a school, you may want to start looking into scholarships and grants. The Arizona Health Care Foundation funds numerous scholarships throughout the school year.

Working as a Medical Billing and Coding Professional in Arizona

In Arizona, the need for medical records specialists is growing rapidly. Through 2022, O*Net anticipates a 28% boost in job openings, a growth rate that is 6% above the national average. Across the state, the average salary in this specialty is $34,700 per year (O*Net, 2015).

If you want to make the most of your chosen career path and impress potential employers, consider applying for certification through the AAPC. This group awards certification after you undergo rigorous testing. Certification may open you up to more job opportunities or even help you increase your earning potential.

Common places of employment for billing specialists include community clinics, insurance companies, private clinics, hospitals, and nursing homes. If you do well during your internship, you may find that your experience turns into a job offer.

This is a great time to get involved in the health care industry. Take the first step now and request information from medical billing and coding programs in Arizona.


Arizona College
Campus Locations in: Glendale: Allied Health, AZ / Mesa: Allied Health, AZ
Matching Programs: Dental Assistant – Diploma
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Diploma
Programmatic Accreditation: ABHES

Brightwood College
Campus Locations in: Phoenix, AZ
Matching Programs: Medical Assistant – Diploma
Program Types Offered: Diploma
Programmatic Accreditation: CAAHEP

Central Arizona College
Campus Locations in: Apache Junction, AZ
Matching Programs: Medical Assistant – Associate Degree
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree
Programmatic Accreditation: CAAHEP

Grand Canyon University – Online
Campus Locations in: Phoenix, AZ
Matching Programs: B.S. in Public Safety and Emergency Management
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

Providence Training Institute
Campus Locations in: Phoenix, AZ
Matching Programs: Clincial Medical Assisting
Program Types Offered: Certificate

The Bryman School of Arizona
Campus Locations in: Phoenix – Black Canyon, AZ / Phoenix, AZ
Matching Programs: Medical Assistant – Associate of Science
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree, Certificate, Diploma
Programmatic Accreditation: ABHES