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Medical Administrative Assisting Programs in Wyoming

Nationwide, the healthcare industry is growing, and an essential part of the industry is the support staff. Medical assistants help doctors, nurses, and other health professionals provide vital healthcare services to patients each day. A necessary part of the modern healthcare environment is also the medical administrative assistant, and Wyoming offers training and jobs in this vital role.

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If you enjoy working with the public and want to have a positive impact on their health care, becoming a medical office assistant is one of the most cost-effective options for job training. With programs available at the associate’s, credential, and certificate level, you have many options for finding a med assisting program that fits your schedule and educational needs.

You can have a bright career potential ahead of you as you gain the skills necessary to work as an entry-level provider in medical offices, doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, and all types of health care facilities. You’ll gain skills necessary to work in an administrative capacity, as well as those needed within the health care industry as a whole.

Wyoming Medical Admin Assistant Degrees

Your choice of medical assisting program in WY will probably depend upon your present experience and whether you’re a recent high school graduate or whether you already have work experience. If you’re already a working administrative assistant, you may consider a certificate program or getting credentialed so you can consider additional jobs in health care.

On the other hand, if you don’t yet have work experience, an associate’s degree in Medical Assisting might be the best option. Speaking with the program administrators at your chosen school can help you decide which program to choose, so we recommend reaching out those schools listed on our site to get started.

Some of the topics you’ll cover in your program may include medical terminology, computer programs, and clerical or administrative responsibilities of the modern office. Class titles you may see include Business Communications, Medical Law and Ethics, Spreadsheet Apps, and Medical Terminology.

Wyoming Healthcare Scholarships and Certification

To help you cover the tuition for your program, Wyoming offers a variety of financial aid at the state level. You may also qualify for help from the federal government. The Wyoming Department of Health and its Workforce Development programs offer repayment programs and scholarship opportunities. The Wyoming Department of Education is another resource you’ll want to tap for potential scholarship options such as the Hathaway Scholarship.

After you earn your MA degree, you’ll want to consider official certification by taking the Medical Administrative Assistant Certification test from the NHA. If your program covers medical billing and coding or handling electronic health records, you may also seek out certification as an Electronic Health Record Specialist. You may also have the skills to become a Billing & Coding Specialist.

Your future job opportunities as a medical office assistant may also expand when you choose to take continuing education classes. The health care industry is an ever-changing arena, and it’s important to understand new techniques and methods of delivering care in modern health care environments.

Medical Secretary Career Outlook in Wyoming

Nationwide, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals a median annual wage of $31,890 for people employed as medical office assistants. In Wyoming, the average is just a hair below national numbers at $31,320.

However, recent data gathered by the United States Census reveals the per-capita income for individuals in the state at $28,902, which means Wyoming medical administrative assistants make more than the state average. Additional BLS figures show that there were 1,270 people working in Wyoming as medical admin assistants with the highest paid workers in the state earning a wage of $44,340 a year.

The majority of medical secretaries work in the offices of physicians and dentists; however, you may also have opportunities in outpatient care centers and state or local government departments. As you begin your search for a job, you’ll find that your skills will be valuable to almost any type of health care organization, as well as other groups like health insurance companies and medical research firms.

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