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Medical Office Assisting Programs in Oregon

If you’re interested in entering the healthcare profession and want a job that requires only brief training in college, you might want to consider medical administrative assisting programs in Oregon. Medical admin assistants support health care professionals like nurses, doctors, and specialists while providing administrative services to patients and clients in various healthcare environments.

One of the best features of a medical admin assistant job is that it’s not a static position and, instead, offers mobility beyond the entry level. After working as a medical admin assistant, you may find it advantageous to return to school to become a medical assistant with more responsibilities on the medical side of the industry. A medical office assistant is also a job where becoming qualified can take as little as one year.

Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Oregon

Condition for acceptance into a medical office assisting program usually includes a high school diploma or GED. Programs are usually labeled as a certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree. Certificates and diplomas will usually take less than a year while an associate’s degree may take up to two years. One of the benefits of an associate’s degree is you can choose to move onto a bachelor’s degree program at a future point so as to enter a more advanced area of the health care industry.

Some of the topics you’ll cover in your medical administrative assistant program may include working with patient records, transcribing the physician’s orders, and coding various insurance forms. You’ll also learn how to use computer programs routinely used in health care, as well as work with patients when they arrive at the clinic or when they need to make an appointment.

In addition to eligibility for federal student financial aid, you may also qualify for scholarships to help you pay for college. You’ll want to take a look at the loans and scholarships from the Health Resources and Services Administration, which is part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

As you near graduation in your medical admin assistant program, you’ll want to consider looking at the certifications the National Healthcareer Association offers. Becoming a Certified Medical Administrative Assistant tells employers that you’re proficient in the essential areas of this healthcare career.

Over time, you may seek additional training and certifications to expand upon your employment opportunities. For example, some medical admin assistant programs provide instruction on medical billing. If you find this area of administration enjoyable, you may take further courses and eventually gain status as a Certified Billing & Coding Specialist.

Job Outlook for Medical Office Assistants in Oregon

National data from the >Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests the mean annual wage for medical secretaries is $33,140 with around 512,000 people employed in such positions around the country. If you’re looking for work in Oregon as a medical admin assistant, further data suggests the annual mean wage for residents is $34,380, which is a fair amount above the national average.

In fact, some of the highest concentrations of medical secretaries nationwide are in Oregon with Medford, Bend, and Corvallis with the highest concentrations in the country. Some of the industries where you may find work as a medical admin assistant in Oregon include the offices of physicians, dental offices, outpatient care clinics, and surgical hospitals. Additional work may be available at government institutions, non-profit organizations, and educational facilities.

As you begin your job search, you’ll want to conduct your search under a variety of possible job titles since medical admin assistants are known under a few different names. After you earn your certificate or associate’s degree, you can look for work as a unit secretary, administrative patient coordinator, and medical office specialist.

Reach out to the schools you find on this page to get program details about how you can become a medical office assistant in Oregon today.