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Medical Admin Assistant Programs in North Carolina

Medical Administrative Assistants play a large role in healthcare in North Carolina. These assistants are the ones you see first when you enter the hospital or a doctor’s office. They typically prepare your chart for your visit, process your insurance information, schedule appointments and set up special procedures with other healthcare institutions. If you are the type of person that likes to work with people this may be a great career choice for you.

A Medical Administrative Assistant is one of the fastest-growing jobs in North Carolina. There are numerous schools where you can get your diploma/certificate, or associate degree at campuses or online. Contact the schools you see listed below to get program details.

North Carolina has a State Society of Medical Assistants, which is associated with the American Association of Medical Assistants, and there are chapters in most cities found in NC. They offer job postings and they have several educational programs as well. Passing the exam will earn you a certificate that shows you are accredited.

Program requirements vary at different North Carolina medical assisting schools, but an Associate Degree in Medical Assisting curriculum, which usually totals about 67 credit hours, typically consists of the following courses.

  • Writing and Inquiry
  • Keyboarding
  • Medical Terms I,II
  • Medical Office
  • Medical Coding, Billing and Insurance
  • Office Software Applications
  • Text Editing Applications
  • Communications (elective)
  • Text Entry and Formatting
  • Communications (elective)
  • Text Entry and Formatting
  • Word Processing
  • Office Software Applications
  • Medical Office Simulation
  • Social Science (elective)
  • Office Computations
  • Professional Transition
  • Records Management
  • Medical Document Production (OST elective)
  • Business Communication
  • Medical Legal Issues
  • Issues in Office Technology
  • Math/Science (elective)

There are also campus based and online med assisting certificate programs in North Carolina that may interest you. Courses may include:

  • Medical Terms I, II – Medical Office
  • Medical Coding, Billing and Insurance
  • Records Management
  • Word Processing

When you decide to choose a college, make sure the program is CAAHEP approved. You will have to decide whether you want a diploma or if your career goals require an associate degree, and taking courses from an accredited school is always a smart idea.

Some medical assistant programs also teach you basic medical services, such as blood drawing or taking vital signs. You may also choose to join the North Carolina State Society of Medical Assistance as they offer many benefits, and you will get to know some of your peers.

As of 2013, according to O’Net OnLine the mean average income is $34,970. The outlook for future jobs is 22 percent above the average for other jobs. Salaries will depend on the level of your education, if you are certified and your employment history.

The National Healthcareer Association offers a certificate for Medical Administrative Assistants by exam. This certificate may help you get more job opportunities with higher income as employers know you have proven your expertise by taking this exam, which cost $105. There are practice exams and study guides.

Medical office assisting is a growing career as more baby boomers are entering the healthcare system. If you enjoy working with people, this may be a great way for you to earn a good living doing something that is rewarding and enjoyable. Reach out to the med assisting programs listed to get more information.