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Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Nebraska

Medical administrative assistants are an indispensable part of the staff at almost any medical clinic, private practice, nursing home, hospital or other healthcare facility. As a result, this is a career with a good degree of job security. At the same time, such assistants enjoy a combination of fulfilling patient interaction and professional involvement.

Take a look at the Medical Office Assisting training programs in Nebraska listed below and contact those schools that interest you to learn more.

Medical administrative assistants often have responsibilities that include scheduling appointments, greeting patients, processing insurance information and updating patient medical files.

This is a career filled with potential for those that are good communicators and are detail-oriented. The ability to interact with patients in an empathetic and caring manner is a real plus. The opportunity to work alongside nurses, doctors and other healthcare professionals can also be an important job benefit, especially if you plan to continue in this medical field.

Prospective employers often look at candidates that have completed their studies in certificate programs and Associate’s Degree programs for medical assisting. Occasionally, an employer may only require a high school diploma or its equivalent, however certification is typically valued by many employers.

A survey of medical adminstrative assistants discussed by O*Net suggests that 65 percent had diplomas from certificate programs and another 18 percent had Associate’s Degrees.

Medical Office Assisting Programs in Nebraska

Admission to an accredited certificate program typically requires that you have a high school diploma and successfully pass a background check. Some schools will also expect you to pass proficiency tests in keyboarding and English. Admission to Associate’s Degree programs in Administrative Medical Assisting is usually somewhat more stringent. Look for universities and colleges to have minimum high school GPA requirements in many instances, as well as the prerequisite course requirements.

You can expect to spend about a year and a half on coursework to secure a diploma from a medical assistant certificate program. Anticipate a host of specific classes in areas like medical terminology, customer service in a healthcare setting, patient coding and medical office procedures. Such coursework will specifically train you to become a medical administrative assistant in Nebraska. Expect the addition of more general courses in math, science and the humanities in two-year Associates Degree programs for Medical Assistants.

After graduating from either program, you should be qualified to take the CMAA exam. It is possible to prepare for the test by reviewing previous coursework and taking various practice exams. Once you achieve a passing grade, you’ll be fully certified as a medical administrative assistant.

Working As An Administrative Medical Assistant in Nebraska

The 2013 median wage for Nebraska medical assistants was $28,700, per O*Net. In the United States as a whole, the median wage was $29,610 in 2013. O*Net reports that the number of positions will expand by 22 percent during the period 2012-2022. The Affordable Health Care Act may very well add to demand as more insured individuals seek routine, preventive and diagnostic medical services.

The bright job outlook may potentially add to job security, and it may exert upward pressure on wages. If you can imagine a future working in a professional environment while you help patients in ways that they will genuinely appreciate on a regular basis, medical assisting may be a good match for you. Contact the schools on our site to learn more about starting your medical assisting education today.