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Medical Administrative Assistant Programs in Michigan

Medical clinics in Detroit, private practices in Marquette and nursing homes in Battle Creek all require the services of medical administrative assistants in MI. The University of Michigan Health System also employs numerous medical assistants. UMHS is one of the state’s major healthcare employers. Its hospitals, clinics and other facilities generate over $2.5 billion in revenue each year.

Many medical administrative assistants enjoy working with doctors and other professionals in modern medical settings. It can be quite fulfilling to help patients in caring ways that they appreciate. And, with job growth projected at 22 percent between 2012 and 2022, high levels of job security are anticipated. O*Net reports that the national median wage for medical assistants was $29,610 in 2013. At that time, the median wage in Michigan was $28,000.

If you are ready to look into Medical Administrative Assisting Programs in Michigan, simply contact the schools listed below to learn more about your options.

Medical Office/Admin Assisting Programs in Michigan

You’ll find that a number of healthcare institutions want a job applicant to have a diploma from either a certificate program or an Associate’s Degree program. The certificate program can usually be completed in about 12-18 months, depending on whether you are able to take classes on a full-time basis or not. An Associate’s Degree usually takes two years to acquire, and it may lead to increased employment opportunities.

Schools that offer medical assisting certificate programs in Michigan will sometimes want to test your keyboarding skills and proficiency with the English language prior to accepting you. Others will simply require that you have your high school diploma. Expect colleges and universities with Associates Degree programs to have added requirements, like minimum high school GPAs.

Certificate programs are usually very focused on developing student skills in areas that are important on the job. Therefore, you may find courses with names like Patient Coding, Customer Service in a Healthcare Setting and Medical Terminology. More general classes are added into Associates Degree programs. For example, you might take courses in English, psychology, anatomy and communications.

After graduation from either type of program, it is possible to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam. Many students take practice tests to prepare for the exam. A passing grade on the exam leads to certification. Some employers prefer certified applicants, and certification may lead to better wages.

If you have good communication abilities and you enjoy helping people, this career path maybe an ideal one for you. Attendance at an accredited educational institution can prepare you for a successful entry into a career as a medical administrative assistant in Michigan. Contact the schools on our page to get details about med assisting programs in MI today.