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Medical Administrative Assisting Programs in Kansas

Most healthcare facilities require the valuable support services provided by medical administrative assistants. Such assistants often greet patients, maintain patient files, schedule appointments and process medical insurance information.

Enrollment in an accredited certificate or degree program can lead to a fulfilling career that often provides good job security in a professional environment. Medical administrative assistants often work side-by-side with healthcare professionals like nurses and physicians. Good communication skills, empathy for others and a detail-oriented mindset are all qualities that can contribute to success. An accredited medical assisting program in Kansas can help to provide you with the skills necessary for long-term advancement.

Contact the Kansas Medical Assisting programs listed below to learn more about getting started in this career.

Healthcare employers that hire medical administrative assistants often prefer job applicants to have a diploma from an accredited certificate program or an Associate’s Degree program. Some also prefer that graduates have gone on to fulfill certification requirements. When O*Net looked at a group of current medical administrative assistants, it was found that 65 percent had diplomas from certificate programs and another 18 percent had associate’s degrees. Just 10 percent only had a high school diploma.

Medical Office Assistant Programs in Kansas

Before you are admitted to a Med Assistant training program in Kansas, you will likely need to pass a background check, and you may have to pass exams that test your keyboard skills and proficiency in the English language. Schools that offer associate’s degree programs may also impose minimum high school GPA requirements on their applicants. Institutions that offer certificate programs usually only require that applicants have high school diplomas.

You can expect to spend approximately a year and a half to complete a certificate program in medical assisting. During the time that you are enrolled in the program, you’ll take a variety of classes that will help you to acquire the specialized skills and knowledge that are often necessary to succeed as a medical administrative assistant. Associates degree programs will offer an expanded curriculum, including more general classes in English, ethics, anatomy and the social sciences.

After you receive your diploma, you’ll be qualified to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant exam. Successful completion of this exam leads to a two-year certification as a medical assistant in Kansas. As long as you complete 10 hours of continuing education classes every two years, certification renewal is available. Certification may benefit you by leading to additional employment opportunities and increased pay.

Working as an Administrative Medical Assistant in Kansas

According to O*Net, the 2013 median wage for Kansas medical assistants was $27,200. From 2012 to 2022, the number of jobs is expected to grow by 22 percent nationwide, making this a good choice of careers. Recent legislative changes, along with a growing population of older citizens, may combine to increase the need for medical administrative assistants.

This is a career path that can offer a satisfying combination of job security, professional interaction and an opportunity to help others. Contact the schools in Kansas that offer medical assisting programs to learn more about your options for study.


Central Christian College of Kansas
Campus Locations in: McPherson, KS
Matching Programs: Bachelor of Business Administration: Healthcare Mgmt
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree

National American University
Campus Locations in: Wichita West Ed Center, KS / Wichita, KS
Matching Programs: Medical Administrative Assistant A.A.S.
Program Types Offered: Associate Degree
Programmatic Accreditation: CAAHEP