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Medical Administrative Assisting Programs in Iowa

Administrative medical assistants perform a variety of important services in medical clinics, hospitals, private practices and other medical facilities. Once you obtain a diploma from an accredited certificate program or Associates Degree program, you can embark upon a career that often provides job security and rewarding patient interaction in a professional setting.

Contact the schools offering medical office assisting programs in Iowa from those listed below to get details about how you can get started in this essential medical career.

As an administrative medical assistant, you may be involved in greeting patients as they check into a clinic or healthcare facility, requiring a positive and professional demeanor. You will also likely be responsible for scheduling appointments, processing patient insurance information and maintaining medical files.

If you are a detail-oriented individual that enjoys patient interaction, this is a career that may be a good one for you. Physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and other medical professionals rely on the important services that administrative medical assistants provide.

Most of the time, prospective employers look for graduates of accredited med assisting programs, while others may prefer to hire those that have obtained Associate’s Degrees in Medical Assisting in Iowa. A few employers may only require that an applicant have a high school diploma to work as an administrative medical assistant.

Characteristics of Medical Admin Assisting Programs in Iowa

Colleges and universities that offer Associates Degree programs will usually require that you meet certain minimum GPA standards, although this may vary from school to school. Background checks and standardized testing may also be required for admission.

A medical assistant certificate program is the fastest way to get started in this field, and takes about 18 months, on average, to complete. There will be numerous courses that will help you to develop the skills necessary to work as a medical assistant in Iowa. Anticipate courses in subjects like patient coding, medical terminology and medical office procedures.

Associate’s degree programs usually require two years’ worth of study to complete. An Associate’s in Medical Assisting in Iowa can give you even more credibility as you enter the profession. Classes may include statistics, medical ethics, English, psychology and anatomy.

After graduation, you can sign up to take the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA) exam. Certification lasts two years, and may help you to secure the job you want as a med assistant.

Administrative Medical Assistant Careers in Iowa

The 2013 median wage for Iowa medical assistants was $29,200, according to O*Net. Nationwide, the median wage stood at $29,610 in 2013. O*Net suggests that the number of available positions will grow by 22 percent during the time period from 2012 to 2022. The impact of the recent individual mandate in the ACA may further expand demand for diagnostic and preventative health services, and this may further increase the number of available jobs.

A future as an administrative medical assistant can bring you professional satisfaction as well as the fulfillment that comes from helping others. Contact the schools in Iowa that offer medical assistant training programs to learn more about how to get started.