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Useful Articles for Medical Assisting

As part of our mission to help you learn everything you can about medical assisting, we encourage you to read the articles on medical assisting below. They cover many helpful topics that can make you more informed, confident, and excited about this career path. And if you’re a working professional, feel free to brush up on your knowledge, or learn about new areas or perspectives you haven’t thought about before.

In many of our medical assisting articles, we cite the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) as a resource for salary and career outlook information. If you are just getting started in your research, we highly recommend looking at the BLS for credible, government data that you can trust. Additionally, there are many great healthcare websites, bloggers and social networks that MA’s use to stay informed. Reading articles like the ones below, or connecting with other healthcare professionals through in-person networking events are two great ways to stay current, and make new friends in your profession.

If you are like many medical assistants, and have your sights set on a nursing or other medical career, we can help you understand how to start mapping your education to meet certification requirements. You can start thinking about LPN certification, or earning your bachelor’s to become a registered nurse (RN). By going beyond standard program information, and reading the perspectives of experienced professionals, you’ll have a much better idea of what to expect when you start working.

We hope you enjoy these medical assisting articles, and find our entire website experience helpful in moving forward in your career. If you have ideas for topics that would be relevant or interesting, please let us know!