Top Apps for Medical Assistants

What Are The Best Apps for Medical Assistants?

Technology has become more and more of an aid to medical assistants these days, whether they are just starting out with educational courses for medical assistants in CNA programs or as established professionals. To that end, one of the ways that they tap into the potential of what advances can be found in the field lies in applications they can access during their daily routines while at work.

Here are a few mobile applications that medical assistants employ while at their jobs to maximize their efficiency.

  1. Epocrates
    Epocrates is a widely popular application that is currently available solely for iPhone users. The app is updated consistently through a stream of information across a number of different topics. This database includes medication interactions that are observed by health professionals, pharmaceutical drug information, sensitive medical news alerts, directories of medical providers and clinical tables. Epocrates also provides dosing calculations for both adult and pediatric patients. There is also a premium edition of the application that is available with other features such as a knowledge database on alternative medicines for example.
  2. Visual Anatomy
    Visual Anatomy stands out to medical assistants as a highly intricate guide to the human body-- available at their fingertips. The app works as an interactive reference tool that allows users to view every part of the body, and to a larger extent 500 select areas that can be chosen for closer examination. There's also a tool in the app to check out organs in a 3D mode. The Visual Anatomy app also offers a chance to do research with the use of a Google search feature, and every image is in high resolution to provide realistic depictions.
  3. Skyscape
    The Skyscape Medical Library is an application that is meant to be a hefty informational supplement to medical assistants and other healthcare professionals. One of the key features of the app lies in two distinct tools - SmartSearch, which provides users with any pertinent information that they would need regardless of how scant the original searched item is in
    description and SmartLink, which finds the best procedures for treatment of patients due to an extensive cross-referencing algorithm. Skyscape runs off of a database that is bolstered by information from almost fifty different publishers and covers over thirty specific medical disciplines. There's a detailed drug guide as well as a medical calculator included in the features of the app.
  4. CMA Test Prep
    Medical assistants who want a comprehensive study guide for their future exams may find some aid in this app by Med Preps LLC. Offered mainly for iOS devices, it's designed to give users the feel of taking Certified Medical Assistant examinations by providing over 2000 multiple-choice questions that are updated constantly in accordance with those found on actual CMA exams. The information found here covers a wide range of relevant information for medical assistants and patient care techs, from specimen collection to legal guides.
  5. iTriage
    iTriage was developed by two doctors to help users gain better clinical insight into what might be ailing patients when they present. But it has also proven to be helpful to medical assistants and other medical professionals since its release. Available to both iOS and Android device users, iTriage allows users to get assessments on the spot based on the symptoms that they type into it. The app also gives a list of medical providers and facilities that may be close by depending on your location.
  6. MAQ12
    The MAQ12 app was designed and released thanks to a joint venture between the University of Michigan and Blue Cross/Blue Shield Network of Michigan that is meant to aid healthcare professionals in the treatment of anticoagulation in patients. The app helps users with broad charts that are easy to read, and the database is updated through the resources of both groups on a consistent basis.

What are your favorite apps to use on the job or in medical assisting school? Let us know!

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